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Collecting a tea set is a fun way to splash out on little fancy objects. Traditionally a tea set would be made up of matching pieces, though perhaps a more fun and modern twist is to collect a mismatched service! (think Mad Hatters tea party)

A mismatched service is wonderful because you get to collect all the beautiful patterns out there that really catch your eye, rather than being limited to just one. It also gives you the ability to offer a setting to your guest that perfectly matches their style or mood, your own mood too for that matter!

For a complete tea service a girl needs:

  1. Teapot
  2. Teacups and saucers
  3. Sugar Bowl
  4. Creamer
  5. Teaspoons
  6. Tea Strainer (many formal teapots do not filter lose leaves)
  7. Tea Tray
  8. Waste Bowl (uncommon these days, but a waste bowl is a receptacle for cold tea before pouring a second cup, and also for spent leaves or bags)

    Also Useful:

    1. Cake stand
    2. Dessert plates
    3. Dsesert spoons / forks

I've been collecting a mismatched service for a few years now, I love looking for new pieces! Click below to see my tea service galleries!

Tea Set GalleySilver galleryDessert gallery

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