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Drinking like a Queen

Ever thought you might like to have tea like a queen? how about Marie Antoinette?

I love drinking out of my teacups for two main reasons, 1: the tea reaches the perfect temperature to drink fast, and is drunk before it get's too cold, and 2: even if I'm too sick to get dressed, I can still feel fancy!

The great news is drinking like the lovely Marie Antoinette isn't as out of reach as you might think! Let's take a look at some of the cups she drank from herself, and some of the cups depicted in her movies. you might be surprised how many of these you can get your own hands on!


Pearl and Cornflower

The first of Marie Antoinettes sets for this piece is her “à pearls et barbeaux” service I saw this set on display at the Petit Trianon, it was made for Marie Antoinette in 1781 and featured cornflowers (one of her favorite motifs) and pearls.

I love how simple and natural the set looks, all topped off with the regal and natural pearl decoration!

Laiterie Du Rambouillet

The Queen was no great fan of Rambouillet, so to help win her over the King commissioned a sort of pleasure dairy farm where she could play out here rural fantasies. Of course this dairy came with some spectacular Sevres porcelain! The set had an Etruscan theme in keeping with the mode for classicism, and some of the most whimsical designs!

A milk bucket of fine Sevres porcelain painted with a wood grain pattern, and the Jatte Teton (Nipple Cup) which was said to have been modeled on the queens own bosom!

Marie Antoinettes Travel Set

Always prepared Marie Antoinette had a travel set with small silver dishes and porcelain cups bearing her monogram and delicate swags of roses. She was even drinking fancy on the go!

Her Patterns Still in Production!

Interestingly enough these patterns are still available today! Bernardaud and the Ancienne Manufacture Royale, produce many services from the 18th Century, including Marie Antoiettes Pearl and Cornflower pattern and items from the Rambouillet Dairy.

Through another Limoges company Raynaud, the French museums sell items from her monogramed travel kit as well! The pattern is also sold sans monogram under the name "Petite Trinanon" sold Stateside.

MA's à perles et barbeaux from Sevres 1781

Jatte Teton from Sevres

One of the cups from MA's Travel kit

MA's cup in The Affair Of the Necklace above, my cup

Marie Antoinette's China in the Movies!

In the movie "Affair for the Necklace" (amazing costumes!) we see a nervous Marie Antoinette take one last drink of tea before heading to meet the guillotine. Keen eyes might recognize this cup as Royal Albert's "Lady Carlyle" It's pink and blue color scene and cartouche design gave it a great rococo style feel!

The Sophia Coppola movie "Marie Antoinette" seems to have had their porcelain supplied by Bernardaud and has a host of lovely table scenes, and so many patterns we can chose from!. One of the prettiest was a pink flower design again by Bernadaud called Roseraie which was on display at the films Paris exhibition..

Ironically the china of one of Marie Antoinette's arch rivals ends up in her hand in the film! The set used in the Trianon drinking scene is none other than Comtesse Du Barry! You can even see the original owned by Du Barry herself in Versailles these days (click porcelain es: Service de table to see the collection)!

There are a few other patterns in Sophia Coppla's film, the blue set she drinks from with her brother, and the breakfast at trianon scene. Still unidentified, but no doubt another Bernardaud pattern. I'll keep my eyes out to Identify those mystery patterns, and if any of you guys find their names before I do let me know!

18th century Style!

So you want to get some 18th Century into your set, and these few patterns aren't quite enough? Here

Goblet litron

When shopping for 18th century style cups, a lot of the time we tend to think of the over the top curvy porcelain of madame du Pompadour. the good news for modern Marie Antoinettes is the so called Goblet Litron was the the big thing in her day, and a favorite shape from sevres at that time. The goblet litron has a simple cylindrical shape, and got it's name for being about the size of a measure for grain and salt by the same name. These cups were used to drink from, but the most elaborate were used for display. Many modern French manufactures still carry this style! The Royal Collection has a wonderful collection of sevres goblet litron which belonged to George IV. Cups like these are often used for coffee (3oz cup) tea drinkers should look out for a 5oz cup.

18th century Sevres goblet litron

There are many 18th century inspired patterns out there for a would be tea drinking queen. Keep your eyes out for anything with cornflowers Marie Antoinette's favorite flower! You'll how a tea set as lavish as your wardrobe in no time!


Marie Antoinette in the Louvre

Dinner Services from Versailles (click porcelaines: Service de table to see the collection)

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