02-07-14: New Pinwheel making tutorial up in the fancy work section!

09-27-13: Garter buttons! New DIY tutorial up in fancy work for making your own 1920's style flapper face buttons.

02-15-13: New tutorial in the Style section, faux bettie bangs 2 ways! DIY hair piece and minimal fuss hairstyling tutorials now up.

12-11-12: Quaintrelle Life is back in action!!! New site design and new images in the retro style book with more to come soon!!!!

10-19-11: New Fancy Work craft tutorial added! DIY teacup project!

05-02-11: New retro style plates added

04-19-11: April feature up! Victorian/Pin Up style photo frame tutorial in the Fancy Work section. Plus new rococo fashion plate in the Style section!

01-20-11: January feature on building a vintage/historical vanity set now up in the "Style" section!

01-14-11: New retro inspired fashion plates, and new 19th century inspired fashion plates added to our collections! Also a new look to the site which I hope is less of a problem for some of our users.

06-22-10: 2 new fashion plates added to retro style

06-19-10: New article on hair rats! Find out how to get those big hair styles of the past!

05-04-10: We are now more interactive! Join our forums and talk Quaintrelle!

30-04-10: New Site Launch! We have a new home at www.quaintrellelife.com! We also have a dedicated blog for tidbits and daily life that don't quite fill a full article.

04-26-10: New Lady Luck fashion plate added to Retro Style

11-20-09: Circus dress fashion plate added to Retro Style

11-02-09: New retro fashion plates started in the style section!

09-28-09: Learn all about what it means to be Quaintrelle, and understand more of what Fancy Girl is all about!

09-10-09: Drink Tea like Marie Antoinette! New Queen Tea feature in the tea party section

08-07-09: Folding fan feature now up in the style section!

07-14-09: New Rococo Inspired outfit in Rococo Style!

06-21-09: Read all about Visiting Cards in our new feature in the Tea Party section!

04-09-09: Check out the style section for a new feature on the look and language of "face patches"!

03-11-09: New Georgian hair dressing and hair piece feature added to the Style section!

02-27-09: New outfit added to Rococo Style!!

02-23-09: New Teacup added to gallery!

02-16-09: New Fly Fringe feature! Check out the revival of this long dead 18th century craft.

01-28-09: Style section added, check out Rococo Style our first fancy fashion feature!

01-28-09: Entertain and decorate with silhouettes! New Fancy Work article!

10-26-09: New teacup and Silver added to the tea set gallery!

08-12-08: Fancy Mat Tutorial added

07-30-08: Fancy Girl Opens!