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About Decorative Mats

If there is one thing the Victorians loved, it was unnecessary home decoration! one of my favorite manifestations of this are the decorative mats that would go under all sorts of things! Vases, ornaments, clocks, anything that sat still long enough!

. These mats would range from the doilies we know and love today, to padded velvet affairs decorated with wreathes of feather decorations.

They protected the surface of the furniture beneath, and added that wonderful extra level of fussyness we associate with Victorian decor today!

Many Womens magazines at the time would carry craft projects for the lady of the house to follow and often these tutorials would feature different mats to keep her house full of such frilly finishing touches. Here today is a little craft project based on an original Victorian craft project with a bit of an early 20th century spin. Perfect for any parlour or boudoir!

All you need is some card, a glue gun, and some ribbon! Now lets make a mat!
1. First cut a circle from sturdy card the size you wish your mat to be
2. Next with a glue gun, glue lengths of ribbon running vertically till they cover the who circle of card
3. Now take the ribbon again and weave it in and out of the vertical strips securing on the back once again with your glue gun.
.4. Now for the border! The border is made with ribbon loops, cut many pieces of ribbon and glue into a loop shape with your glue gun
5. Arrange the loops in groups of 3 around your base in a kind of wreath pattern, securing the loops one at a time with your glue gun.
6. Cut a circle out of some felt the same size as your cardboard circle and glue it onto the back to give a nice finished back that will be kind to any surfaces it will later sit on.

7. Add any embellishments you think will make it look extra cute and your decorative mat is complete!

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