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Pinwheels have been around for centuries, but the cute little toys as we know and love them today seem to have come about around the 1920's.

Light weight and light hearted they can be a cheery decoration for you house and hands!

If you have some paper or pattern designs you're not quite sure what to with why not give making your own pinwheel a try!? Just a spot of paper pins and some kind of stick and you are ready to go! Here is a quick tutorial to get you started...


Supply List:

  • Wooden dowel
  • Scissors
  • Pretty Paper
  • Sticky tape
  • Pin
  • Bead
  • (Optional fancy paper punches)

On my first go round I used regular 5" origami paper to make the pinwheel, I've added a few downloadable sheets to use for anyone in need of cute.

1. The first thing to do is have your dowel ready. Leave it plain, paint it, or, as I did wrap it in matching paper.
2.cut a strip of paper approx 1" wide and roll it into a tube. This will help support the inside of pinwheel later.

3. Mark lightly from corner to corner and through the center. Cut your paper along those lines stopping each time about 1.5" from your center mark.

If you are using light paper you can double up like I have done. Just pin the two pieces together and cut them as one.

.4. If you are using a decorative center thread it onto the pin first, then one by one poke the pin through the top left or top right corner of each triangle piece
5. Once you have your pinwheel all gathered together, place your paper tube onto the pin before jabbing the needle though the center back of the pinwheel
6. I like to add a small bead to the pin between the pinwheel and the stick. This cuts down on friction and amps up the spin!

7. After all that tada! You're ready to set of running and spinning!

Patterned papers to download and print!


Double Layer Flower Variation

A slightly more complex version is to use a template to make a double layer design. For this you'll need to download the template bellow as a pattern. Trace it out over your fancy paper and cut out the two pieces. Construction is much like the square pinwheel above, but here are a few extra notes to get you going...

1. Lay tour 2 pieces on top of each other, and rotate the piece you cut from layer 2 so that it's blades slide into the extra cuts on layer 1 like so.

2. Gather the tips together as before going anti clockwise around the design, then add the paper tube as in the earlier tutorial, and finish with the bead and stick the same too.

3. The flower Pinwheel is complete!


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