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Faux Bettie Bangs

Bettie Page is the undisputed queen of vintage pinups. Her signature bangs are still one of the most popular styles for vintage fashion followers and retro pin ups today.

As desirable as they are, they can also give a girl a bit of anxiety. Cutting bangs might be a commitment you're just not ready for, or perhaps you just don;t quite have the right hair to pull it off. One option is of course to simply fake it, and that's exactly what this little pair of tutorials is here to help you do!

You can opt to make your own blended hair piece to just clip em in when you feel you want to channel your inner Bettie, or style your own hair into a similar look without having to touch a pair of scissors!


DIY Faux Fringe

This first tutorial is to create a clip in set of bangs ready to pull out and wear when ever the time feels right!

  • For this project you will need: Human hair weft, lace or tulle fabric, sewing machine or needle and thread, scissors suitable to cut hair, wig block (useful but optional), curling iron, regular iron

The first thing to do is purchase or dye some hair weft to match your own hair. As a blonde (and before that a purple) getting a good match has been hard. I bought a weft of platinum blond hair (613) and toned it with lilac conditioner to take our the yellow tint for a better match. If you dye your hair, dying weft with the same stuff helps get a near perfect color match.

With your hair weft good to go; its time to get sewing.....

Part One: The Wig Cap

First of all you'll need to create a base top sew your hair onto.

1: Measure across your hairline how wide you want your bangs to go, then from the from your hairline to how far back you want them to start. Create a triangle with these measurements, and add a little curve at each side for your pattern.

1: Then cut this pattern out of net or lace (I traced along a fold for a double layer)

2: Edge the raw side edges with bias tape

This will make your wig cap.

Part Two: Sewing the Weft

1: Next is to sew the weft to the base to create the hair piece.

2: Sew the weft in horizontal lines going all the way up. Starting at the bottom first.

3: Then sew a line of weft up the sides

4: Followed by another line of weft up the sides, this time attached to the underside.

5: Using the wool setting on your iron press the hair in the direction you want it to lay

Part 3: Styling

1: Now all you need to do is create the style.

2: Pin the wiglet to the front of a wig stand if you have one

3: Cut the bangs a bit longer than you wish to wear them (preferably with a slight "U" shape

I left a little at the side long to help blend them with my natural hair.

4: With a curling iron curl them under to create the Bettie Bang shape

Once you are happy with the style, sew on 3 grip clips to the sides and top.

With those are in place you are ready to wear you new no fuss bangs!


Just clip them in over your natural hair. I've worn mine with my hair up in a ponytail, with the rest down Bettie style or with victory rolls for a vintage classic finish!

Bangs in action!! (Small Note: before finishing this tutorial I dyed my hair lilac and the bangs to match it)

If you do not want to use human hair, you can use synthetic, but remember most synthetic hair can not be styled with regular heating tools, so you will have to find an alternative to the iron and curling irons for styling

No Make Quickie Bangs

This is a quick and easy way to style you regular hair into a fake bangs style...

To get the look all you need is:

  • 3 bobby pins
  • A splash of water
  • Hair spray
  • 1 min extra time before bed!
The Styling:
  1. The night before separate out a small section in the front you want to curl into your bangs.
  2. Dampen the section with a bit of water
  3. Put the section in 3 (maybe more if you're blessed with thick hair) standing pin curls.
  4. A fast way to do these is to roll your hair around a smooth tube (I use a Besame lip gloss) slip the "tube" out and pin with a bobby pin so it sits as if it had a roller in it.
  5. Wake up!
  6. Take out the bobby pins
  7. Gently brush the curls over your hand and roll up under itself
  8. Arrange the bangs to suit your face
  9. Spray with liberal amounts of hair spray

If you didn't;t have time to wet set your bangs, you can always curl them with a curling iron. (just remember to let the curls cool before brushing into the style to keep the tightest curl possible)

Leave the rest of your hair down, throw it in a ponytail, do whatever! The whole thing including setting your hair the evening before takes less than 5 minutes, but you'll look like you had time dress up even if you didn't!

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